Selected Work of Brian McLendon

Various logos designed for a range of clients between 2016 & 2018.
Illustrative and typographic elements for use in various digital and printed matter for clientele.
A few synthesizers and soundmakers created to experiment with music-software UX. Check out my Drum Machine BLMDRM on the ios AppStore.
A simple daily task manager. Presents the user with an interface for displaying tracks tasks, allowing dynamic updates and completing. Try it out here.
Showcase video reels for various 2D game projects between 2017-2018.
Showcase video reels for various 3D game projects between 2017-2018.
An endless word guessing game. The player is a wizard tasked with deciphering scrolls to use spells and defeat enemies on his journey. Play it here!
Website layout and User Experience designed and developed for the Schumacher Insurance Agency of Montclair, NJ.
Website developed with content management, animations, and manageable interactivity.
Designed & developed this website as an upgrade of an older site. The new site needed to be sleeker, but evoke similar feelings.
Designed & developed the logo and website for this cyber securities service company.